Sometimes the extraordinary life you imagine is right there, visible on the horizon.

But out-of-control stress makes it disappear.

You find yourself paralyzed by perfectionism, overcome by overwhelm, or following all the rules except your own. In the effort to carry on, you hide, minimize, or compartmentalize what you’re feeling. Or bury yourself in busy work. Even if you’re known as a problem solver. Even if you’re strong, capable, and doing good work in the world.

This out-of-control stress causes you to lose sight of your dreams, or keeps you grasping for and missing them. You feel a sense of panic and bury it to carry on, overwhelming your nervous system. You wonder how, in this state, you will ever get where you want to go.

I know. I’ve been there. While I’ve had a wildly adventure-filled life, and a long career doing what I love as a coach, writer, editor, and teacher, the stress I’ve carried in my body used to regularly stop me in my tracks—and threatened to derail me on my way to my biggest dreams.

Today, I know it’s possible to recover. to keep returning to calm and confidence. To find beauty after devastation. To build your oasis.

Learning to trust life—and yourself—again, allows you to reclaim your dreams and feel the way you want to while living your life.

When exploring new territory, it’s good to travel with someone who’s been there. To have a companion as you go deep, face fears, recalibrate, dream big, design a life that nourishes you, and craft your next chapter.

I’m glad you’re here.


Ways to work with karen

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Insight Through Art

An experience for seekers
Imagine a museum as a tarot deck, each work of art holding the potential to help answer a question or open up new and deeper ways of thinking. I use art as a medium to help clients deepen access their own insight and intuition, discern what’s most important, and find actionable ways forward. Offered one-on-one, in pairs or other groups—at museums, online, or as a special event—Insight Through Art is meaningful and fun, and opens hearts and minds.

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The Elemental Story

Coaching and classes for women writers
Being a writer—a thoughtful, honest one—requires bravery, curiosity, and discernment. When a writer is exploring new territory, it’s essential for her to be able to identify what’s too much, what’s too little, and what’s just right. I help women expand their energetic intelligence through classes and one-on-one work. In the process, they unearth powerful stories and create their own maps so they no longer feel lost in the woods.

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Your Spacious Life

Neuroscience-based coaching for those who want to feel more calm, confident, and courageous
Because you know that when you’re grounded and nourished, and when you have your vision set on the direction you want to go, your work and leadership is more powerful. Your daily life is more meaningful. And you are more connected to magic. Together we’ll calm your system and call forth your deep wisdom, innate creativity, and unique brilliance so you can design a life you love.


Join me on Instagram @elementalkaren for my thoughts on art, life, courage, and more.

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