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 Insight Through Art 

What if the answer to your deepest questions can be found in art?

 What if the vision of an artist could open your eyes to new ways of seeing?

Insight Through Art starts with a few questions. Then, through a guided journey with me at an art museum (or online), you make your way to a work of art that offers personalized insight.

It’s like tarot—with art.

It’s coaching—with the help of an artist.

It’s your life. Your work. Illuminated.

During this magical and practical session, you’ll use art to clarify and expand your idea of what’s possible. You’ll unearth new ways of thinking about your challenges, concerns, hopes, and dreams.

Reconnect with yourself through a meaningful and fun experience!

Minneapolis Experience

virtual Experience

Looking to design a one-of-a-kind event?

I’ve helped a couple rethink their business together, a group of friends reconnect, a spiritual group experience a new form of contemplation, and businesses solve problems and plan what’s next. Along with Museum Sage, the organization through which I received my training for this experience, I have delivered custom experiences for clients including: Target, Macalester College, The Minnesota Jung Association, the Minnesota Center for Contemplative Outreach, the Peabody Essex in Salem, Massachusetts, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. 

The experience can be designed for any space or collection. I’ve led amazing groups and individuals through their favorite local museums: the de Young Museum in San Francisco; Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma; the Albuquerque Museum; the San Jose Museum of Art; the Brooklyn Museum; and more. I can even bring a mobile art gallery to you.

Reach out to learn more and schedule some time to connect.

I experienced Insight Through Art with Karen in-person and what a privilege that was! The key to success is to know ourselves at the deepest level and trust our intuition. This experience provided me just this, a tool to go deeper within myself and amplify my intuitive voice! I felt so held—and lovingly guided. I was definitely blown away by the insights that surfaced from within me.

That experience was so profoundly helpful that I asked Karen to lead a virtual Insight Through Art session for my Apprenticeship group. They loved it too, as I knew they would!
— Ellany Lea, Success Coach + Founder of Guide to Grace
Karen is an amazingly intuitive and highly connected facilitator and workshop leader. Her powers of observation are matched by her ability to meet any moment or situation and bring the interaction instantly to a deeper level.
— Doug Beasley, Photographer
Leading a Museum Sage coaching workshop at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Leading a Museum Sage coaching workshop at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Karen Olson is a very wise and compassionate life coach with a devotion to helping people find their way into their true selves and a fuller life.
— Margaret Todd Maitland, The Loft Literary Center