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Your Spacious Life

You are creative and driven. You want to make a difference—to help create a healthier, more beautiful world—so you work hard and you excel. Still, you don’t think you’re doing enough—or maybe not the right things.

On top of that, life doesn’t feel the way you want it to. You’re actually already overworked and overwhelmed. It’s possible you feel trapped, flooded, frenzied, or on the edge of burnout.

It’s all getting to be too much.

You want peace, calm, courage, and confidence, and find yourself thinking:

  • As soon as I get things organized and accomplished everything will be better…

  • If I could just get over my fear/shame/vulnerability then I could handle it all…

  • Maybe I need to change everything...

I’m here to remind you there’s another way.

What if you could learn simple, elegant tools for managing your inner landscape? Design a life that nourishes and sustains you? Free up energy to do what’s most important to you and feel better while doing it?

it’s time to reclaim your inner sanity and spaciousness. Because when you create space for your deep wisdom and inner authority to lead the way, the ripple effects are powerful.

The Spacious Life is a personalized one-on-one coaching program designed to support overachieving change makers who are ready to change their own lives.

This work is not about surface-level organizing and prioritizing. It’s about going from where you are to where you want to be. It’s a deep dive into the rich territory of your life: aligning your internal and external worlds, creating better relationships, and bring your unique gifts to the world.

Together we explore:

  • What depletes you and what supports you

  • Managing your inner overwhelm, trusting your instincts and intuition, and recovering your inner authority

  • New ways to experience your life—from making more conscious choices, to being more in touch with your senses, to becoming a more natural and powerful leader

  • Creating a new map for your life and work

  • Strategies for transforming negative to positive, dreams to reality, ordinary to enchanting

Using the following tools:

  • Neuroscience-based coaching

  • Co-active coaching and leadership skills

  • Emotional and energetic intelligence

  • Body awareness and mindfulness

  • Organizational and relationship systems tools

  • Whole systems and holistic health strategies

  • Art and nature as teachers

The Spacious Life includes:

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Two half-day sessions to clarify and refine your vision, decrease out-of-control stress, and design a life that’s good for you

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Ninety-minute coaching sessions twice a month to support you and your goals

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Monthly as-needed emails and short calls between sessions

If this program resonates with you, let’s chat and see if we’re a good match for coaching. 


Karen is a gifted coach. She asks deeply powerful questions that pierce the core of challenging issues. She balances her inquiry with masterfully creating a space for me to explore the facets of how I understand and make sense of things. She leverages these gifts with her wisdom and intuition. This combination has propelled me toward solutions and clarity when I feel stuck, supported my development, and helped me step into my best self.
— Sheila Buechler, Executive and Leadership Coach, LaunchBox Coaching and Cultivating Leadership

Karen never questioned my fears or my dreams. She never doubted that I had obstacles to overcome; but she also never doubted that I could achieve what I longed for. That was the single most important thing Karen did for me: she believed in me and in my ability to overcome my fears and achieve what at first seemed to me to be outrageously bold goals.
— Connie Chamberlain, Artist and Musician

I love working with Karen! The space she creates for our sessions is always nurturing, safe, and inspiring. I always leave with crucial new information about myself and the journey I am on. When making big life changes it is so easy to feel overwhelmed. Every time we talk I feel I am put back on the path. The path that speaks to my heart.
— Victoria Griswold, Violinist and Founder of Concert Adventures for Early Childhood

I benefitted from Karen’s excellent coaching skills and tools during a VIP coaching day. The blend of activities and discussion was just what I needed to jump start reshaping my business. The day was designed just for me!
— Mary Brozic, Designer